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SmartCity 智能社区

With the development of Internet technology, to realize the wisdom of the city is no longer a beautiful dream. Because, as an important part of the wisdom of the city of Shanghai Feilo "smart streetlight network" project has been presented to the genuineness of the world.        

It relies on the Shanghai Instrument and Electronics Group independently developed i-Stack Smart City operating system, the integration of surveillance cameras, 4G micro base stations, electronic display, electric charge pile and public broadcasting hardware capabilities through advanced information sensing technology, data communications transmission technology , lighting control technology, computer processing technology, the collected data and information transmitted to the i-Stack operating system, through the analysis of data, processing and optimization, on the one hand as a "smart city" application vehicle for urban residents fully localized information service life, on the other hand will also serve to resolve urban congestion, the city realized the wisdom of governance is another important carrier. . Feile "street smart network" for its leading technology level, has been actively supported by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Municipal Economic Commission.

Shanghai Feilo "street smart network" under the leadership of Shanghai Electronics for the development of smart cities around the wings, reducing the cost of people's lives, improve people's happiness index, make the city a better life.


Intelligent streetlight network core functions

Smart Lighting: The information sensing device connected to the Internet, in order to achieve bulk-demand lighting fixtures and refinement of management, so as to achieve energy saving, efficient operation and maintenance of the purpose of each lamp through.

Smart Lighting Feature

Dia-cast aluminum housing, silver spray,suitable for different climate;

Streamlined shape design reduces air resistance,Enhanced wind resistance;

Meet the CSA, shanghai GM road standard LED modules,post-maintenance convenience;

Precision constant current drive power supply design, PF>95%,ensure high utilization of the power grid;

Saving than traditional lighting more than 60%.

Smart Security: The camera and remote control system, digital surveillance, security management, traffic control and so on. 

Day&night Dome Network Camera

High-resolution,FUHD 1080p real-time image output;

The use of advanced video compression technology,compression ratio,and the processing flexibility;

Progressive scan CMOS, capture moving images without jagged;

Using EXIR point infrared light technology,Irradiation distance 20-30m;

ICR Infrared filter automatically switch,true day and night surveillance;

Support for 3D digital noise reduction, Digital WDR;

Support backlight compensation, automatic electronic shutter function, adapt to different monitoring environment;

IP66, High reliability.

Information release system:Posted by LED electronic screen-departmental public information, warning information, tips, and combined with intelligent security, normal term speed limit road marking, when a situation occurs on the road, warning information.

Charging pile parameters

Input voltage :    220V AC

Power  :              440W

Life Span:        >100,000 hours

IP grade:          IP65

Interface:          USB2.0/Internet/RS485

Supported formats:   video/img/text/flash etc

Aspect ratio: video playing can be can be composed of 4: 3, 16: 9 and other formats  

Color: 16.7M colors,close to nature colors

LCD information screens Features                                                        

HD highlight,visible under bright light                                                  
Anti-smashing anti-theft                                                                         
Smart thermostat system                                                                        
Intelligent playback system                                                                      
Can be customized according to user needs development                   


Wireless city: the use of "micro base station lights" integrated design, wireless communication networks, wireless RF networks, wireless networks NFO, in line with the construction of urban communications needs.

Feature of Wireless City

By intelligent lampposts body and cap parts of the computer station set up 4G and WIFI hotspot, speed the development of next-generation wireless communications technology;

Using computer station lights integrated design, elegant appearance, meet the needs of urban construction;

Available anytime, anywhere portable computers and mobile phones, IPAD Internet, read news, search for information, conduct QQchat, email, transmit documents and photographs and other documents;

Bridging consumers and businesses e-commerce model, give full play to the advantages of ubiquitous street.

Charging point: with the government to promote new energy vehicles at the station, residential, roads, etc. The intelligent light poles, anywhere, anytime to provide convenient services for charging electric vehicles.

Charging pile parameters

Working temperature: -20~65°C

IP grade :IP65

Voltage:220V AC

Current :16A

Charging port protection: Lock

Means of communication  Internet: Ethernet network,wireless communication(3g、zigbee),PLC

Charging Connector Mechanical Operating Life:≥10000

MTBF ≥8000h

Charging pile features

With the municipal government to gradually promote new energy vehicles,assembled at the station,district,etc. ;   

 The intelligent streetlight poles charging pile higher cost solutions without repeating in the line construction;         

Does not occupy urban construction land ;                                    

Charging interface in line with national standards.                       

Smart Home Furnishing

    On March 18, 2015, Feilo Acoustics Ya Brand Lighting entered the smart home furnishing market by first releasing a new product——Ya Brand Ali Smart Cloud APP ceiling lamp. This remote-controlled APP ceiling lamp was developed in collaboration with Ali Smart Cloud and Ya Brand and it was a product of the combination of Ya Brand hardware and Alibaba Cloud software. Make correspondence of Ya Brand lamps and other smart cloud devices so as to realize the concept of smart life. In the future, Feilo Acoustics will try more cross-border cooperation to accelerate smart transformation and the development of the entire industry.