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Feilo Opens Leader Training Class ——to enhance Leadership and strength execution[2016-08-25]

Abstract:In order to adapt to the company’s rapid develop requirements, improve managers’ leadership and strength the management ability of the supply chain and enhance management team on performing work, decision making, executing and sense of creativity. From the 25th to the 27th of August, the company opened leader training class with the theme of “enhance leadership, strength execution” for 3 days off-job training together. A total 45 production management staffs attended this training from company branches and subsidiaries.


Feilo Opens Legal Work Special Training[2016-08-24]

Abstract:To promote the corporate governance in accordance with the law and prevent against legal risks in the enterprise operation and development process, on 24th, August afternoon, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., LTD. held a special training on legal work, a total of more than 80 people including general manager, deputy general manager, contract administrators, etc. from the company's sub branch business department attended training.


Learn Women's Volleyball Team Spirit To Be Power Corporation Henan, Jiangxi, Shandong Base Organizat[2016-08-21]

Abstract:On 21st,August , 2016, in Rio DE Olympic women's volleyball finals, the Chinese women's volleyball not afraid of strong opponents and race to win , it reached on the highest podium again of the Olympic Games after 12 years. Their spirit of perseverance to champion caused the social walks of life. In the same time, Feilo bases took positive response to group’s call, so all the company staffs learned "women's volleyball team spirit" thematic activities in August.


Study goes before behavior and takes reading as the basis - Shandong Ya Brand Lighting successfully [2016-08-12]

Abstract:The book is the ladder of human progress. - Gorky


Y&L company held “Double Seventh Festival” fellowship activity[2016-08-09]

Abstract:August 9, 2016 (July 7 in lunar month) is the most romantic in Chinese traditional festivals. At 17:20 (520) trade union and youth league general branch of Shanghai Y&L held “Double Seventh Festival” fellowship activity. More than 60 people attended the event.


Refreshing in Hot Summer ——Feilo and branches leaders care front-line staff[2016-08-01]

Abstract:Ever since entering the hottest solar term of a year, the weather has been extremely hot. Leaders in Feilo Acoustics are very concerned about the working and living conditions of front-line staff.


Employee Peng ZhuKilled in an Accident, Colleagues Donate to Deliver Condolences[2016-07-26]

Abstract:On the early morning of the 26th July, while sticking to his duty and guarding raw materials on the project site in Xinlong county of Ganzi State, Peng Zhu was unfortunately hit by rocks falling apart from the mountain and therefore lost his young and precious life (due to the fact that the project was located in the area of Tibet, the construction condition was harsh).


Stick to be ordinary, also a kind true hero —meritorious deeds of Peng Zhu from Feilo Sichuan Yaming[2016-07-26]

Abstract:For many people, Peng Zhu is a strange name. The Sichuan Yaming engineering staff, in the wee hours of July 26, 2016 when keeping raw materials at Xinlong project sites in Ganzi county, was hit by heavy rain flying rocks from highland while on duty and sacrificed a young precious life. A dedicated person-highlights unselfish soul