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Team Building in Scorching Weather to Forge Wolf Spirit[2016-07-23]

Abstract:On Jul.23rd, 2016, Shanghai saw her first red alert in summer this year, with temperature reaching 40℃.Despite scorching sun and burning heat, staff from each department of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd headed towards the Eco-village in Chongmin Island for team building, which features “Unity, Cooperation, and Win-win”. This team building is to forge an unbending will amongst staff when faced with adversities, an attitude to rise up to challenges in unity and high spirit, thus driving teams to work with utmost passion and innovation, and further strengthening the cohesion within FACS.


Sweat Profusely when Fighting Against Heat & Passionate like on Fire when Determined to Meet Product[2016-07-05]

Abstract:In July, with a heat wave sweeping the north of Jiangsu Province and the sun raging everything, even a rain storm merely alleviate sultriness temporarily. Summer time poses a tremendous challenge for LED lighting enterprises. Yet production in enterprises cannot be achieved overnight, and a large number of producing tasks demand employees to be determined in completing them with high quality and correct quantity. We cannot tolerate the slightest slack in the work, and we cannot be a deserter in the battlefield.


Build a Service Platform to Improve Service Quality: Company’s Marketing Management Centre Carried o[2016-07-01]

Abstract:To further promote the after-sales work of subsidiaries of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd., and improve consciousness of service, Marketing Management Centre of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd held a 2-day after-sales training and communication activities in a training room of Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. After-sales specialists and quality managers from various subsidiaries of Beijing Shen’an group, in total of 20 people, participated in the training.


Y&L joined Jiading Newtown (Malu town) tug-of-war competition of citizen sports meeting[2016-06-21]

Abstract:In the afternoon of June 21st, Y&L labour union organized team to join Jiading Newtown (Malu town) tug-of-war competition of the Shanghai 2nd citizen sports meeting held in Yucai Joint Middle School of Malu. Each of 16 teams was towering and full of passion, eager players are omnipresent.


Pursuit of art, devotion of art –Shanghai Y&L held arts festival[2016-06-02]

Abstract:To vigorously promote enterprise culture and rich staff cultural life, as well as enhancing solidarity, on morning of June 2, Y&L held on the lawn “The 2016 Y&L Lighting Source Co., Ltd. Arts Festival”. Employees held competition of chorus and making zongzi, along with arts and crafts displays.


Attention to the fire and treasure life --SunLight Company carried out 2016 annual fire drill[2016-06-02]

Abstract:On June 2, 2016, the SunLight Company 2016 annual fire drill in SunLight Company was held by Shanghai SunLight Industrial Co., Ltd production safety committee of the organization. There are more than 340 company leaders and employees participated.


Jiangxi ShenAn organized employees to JinXian country museum to commemorate [2015-09-17]

Abstract:September 3, 2015, is China's second statutory "Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Victory Day" ,is the first decision of War Victory Day holiday.


"The Feilo Acoustics Cup 2015" Basketball Tournament,[2015-07-31]

Abstract:"The Feilo Acoustics Cup 2015" Basketball Tournament, Jiangsu team returned with excellent physical Benjamin began to overtake the score to 60:58 win over the freeze.