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Abstract:On Nov 9th,Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. held an emergency fire evacuation exercise in order to meet the 27th Fire Day and further strengthen the safety of enterprises and effectively enhance staff awareness of fire safety and disaster prevention, emergency response capabilities.


"The Taste of the Home"——Posted the Interests of the Year, Celebrating the New Year with Feast[2018-08-15]

Abstract:February 15 was the Lunar New Year's Eve, the phenomenon was rather strong, according to the traditional custom of the Spring Festival,


The Journey of Youth Travel Together with Dream ——Outdoor Development Activity of 2018 Feilo Acoust[2018-04-21]

Abstract:With youthful companionship, the footsteps are strong and light and the journey is confident and firm. Under the leadership of Feilo Acoustics Party Committee, outdoor development activity of 2018 Feilo Acoustics Young Managers "Flying Plan" trainees was successfully launched in Meihuazhou, Jiaxing from April 21st to 22nd which was organized and designed by Feilo University. GM Assistant and President of Feilo University, Li Dongyue and Deputy Minister of the Working Department of the Party and the Masses, Huang Haijie accompanied and guided for the whole course.


"Love in the spring, joy in nature, under the sun, unite You and Me" ——Feilo Investment Spring Outin[2018-04-15]

Abstract:In April, the Shanghai spring, all things recover. Feilo Investment labor union, on April 15, organized all staff to the Fengxian Gulf National Forest Park to held spring outing activity themed by "Love in the spring, joy in nature, under the sun, unite You and Me"


Hubei Base Organized Legal Knowledge Training[2018-04-03]

Abstract:Recently, Qian Hanbing, director of legal affairs at Hubei base, organized staff representatives to carry out legal knowledge training activity.


Be Brave to Fight "Ping-pong" Moves My Heart[2018-04-03]

Abstract:From April 3 to April 4, Hubei Base held 2018 spring table tennis match, 45 employees from various departments took part in it.


Splendid Life Variety Flowers ——Feilo Investment Labor Union Organized Flower-Arranging Competition[2018-03-31]

Abstract:In this flourishing spring, the first phase of the talent event "The Gifted", organized by Feilo Investment Labor Union and would run through the year, was held in the company's 1105 training room on the afternoon of March 31. Nearly 20 female employees of the company participated in the creative flower-arrangement competition with the theme of "Splendid Life, Variety Flowers", three special guests of Feilo Acoustics and all the male employees served as judges of the competition. This event not only demonstrated the elegance of female employees, but also further stimulated the awareness of participation and teamwork of all employees. All the employees would engage in enterprise development with more enthusiasm and the best working conditions, like spring flowers blooming riotous colors.


Y&L Company Launched Gold-idea Activity of "My Idea For Company's Development"[2018-03-30]

Abstract:In order to promote the transformation and development of the enterprise, improve internal management processes, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and enhance corporate cohesion and innovation. Y&L labor union organized all employees to carry out the gold-idea activity of "My Idea For Company's Development" with the "Labor Union Work Reform Plan" as the guiding ideology and "2018 Year of Quality" as the guide for action.