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Party life 党群生活

Feilo Acoustics Held 2017 May Fourth Youth Commendation Conference and Youth Ideological Situation M[2018-04-20]

Abstract:To commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement and commend the advanced collectives and individuals that had performed outstandingly in the development of enterprise in 2017 and called on the young people to integrate the "May 4th" spirit with Feilo culture in a new era to devote work with a more full-hearted learning attitude and a more enthusiastic work style,


Shandong Yaming held revolution memorial studying activity[2018-04-13]

Abstract:April 3, 2018, the event of the tomb-sweeping day, Shandong Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. CPC Party branch organized company's representatives to the Linyi Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall, to participate in the revolutionary martyrs memorial activities.


Remembering the mission of the Martyrs ----Jiangxi Shen An Yaming and county government CPC branch [2018-04-03]

Abstract:In memory of the revolutionary martyrs, on April 3, on the occasion of tomb-sweeping, Jiangxi Shen An Yaming CPC branch went to Fang Zhimin Martyrs Cemetery, to pay tribute to and learning his revolutionary spirit.


Jiangxi Base representing economic development zone joined Jinxian County CPC knowledge Competition[2018-03-29]

Abstract:To further study and implement the 19th CPC National Congress spirit and Xi Jinping's new era socialism ideas with Chinese characteristics, on March 29, by the CPC Jinxian County Committee, sponsored by Jinxian County People's government, the Knowledge Contest (final)" was successfully held in the Jinxian County Convention and Exhibition Center, attended by leaders from various depts.


Feilo CPC committee organized documentary watching[2018-03-23]

Abstract:Recently, Feilo CPC committee organized all party members to watch full-length documentary “Amazing, my country” to call on mission always keeping on mind.


Y&L labor union carried out Arbor Day activity of "greening environment, everyone's responsibility"[2018-03-12]

Abstract:In spring, everything is recovering! March 12 is the annual Arbor Day. To mobilize the employees' enthusiasm for work, enhance their cohesion, and further promote the green concept of green maintaining, Y&L Company’s labor union and Communist Youth League general branch organized tree planting festival to beautify the environment and more than 20 volunteers participated.


Y&L Company communicates the spirit of Feilo "Tianmen Conference"[2018-03-09]

Abstract:In 2018, Y&L responded positively to the resolution of Tianmen Conference and held a meeting among leaders above directors in the training room to convey the spirit of “Tianmen Conference” of Feilo.


Y&L launched volunteer activity of "learning Lei Feng"[2018-03-05]

Abstract:In order to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, carry forward advanced models and learn from the model of the times, Y&L Company CCP Branch volunteers launched activity of learning Lei Feng( China Advanced person).