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Be Brave to Fight "Ping-pong" Moves My Heart

From April 3 to April 4, Hubei Base held 2018 spring table tennis match, 45 employees from various departments took part in it.

The match included men and women individual events and mixed team events, and adopted the elimination system of best two out of three. The individual events consisted of men and women single and mixed double. After the match started, everyone quickly entered the stage and the competition was fierce, the ball table was constantly showing wonderful duel, straight beat, spin ball, smash and other wonderful moments, accompanied by the warm shouting of the cheerleaders, the scene atmosphere was heated up again and again and ignited the enthusiasm of employees from time to time. During the match, contestants sweated and struggled, their spirit of never give up until the last minute deeply impressed everyone.

This match not only provided a splatform for employees to communicate with each other and practice skills of table tennis, but also a chance to show themselves and improve themselves constantly. Victory was affirmation of our level while negativeness was inspiration of our morale.

At the award ceremony, Chairman of Labor Union, Wang Fazhong stated that all contestants dared to fight and strive in the match, which indicated their level and style while inspiring spirit and invigorating morale, the match also strengthened communication and exchange among employees of various departments, enhanced unity and friendship, and reflected the spirit of employees' courage and hard work. He hoped that all employees would bring this spirit into work and strive for the successful completion of the annual task and the company's bright future.