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Y&L Company Launched Gold-idea Activity of "My Idea For Company's Development"

In order to promote the transformation and development of the enterprise, improve internal management processes, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and enhance corporate cohesion and innovation. Y&L labor union organized all employees to carry out the gold-idea activity of "My Idea For Company's Development" with the "Labor Union Work Reform Plan" as the guiding ideology and "2018 Year of Quality" as the guide for action.

On March 30, Y&L Company conducted the first quarter results announcement of the gold-idea program in the training room. Since the promotion of the activity in January, the labor union solicited 312 golden ideas on potential safety hazards, quality information, technological process, equipment efficiency, resource conservation and so on, and adopted 218 of them, among them, 40 had been established improvement project, 94.5% of employees participated in the event, of which the participation rate of party members was 100%.

This activity had inspired the great potential of employees to change from "passive" to "initiative" and from "what do you want me to do" to "what do I want to do", which greatly enhanced the sense of ownership.