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The Journey of Youth Travel Together with Dream ——Outdoor Development Activity of 2018 Feilo Acoust

With youthful companionship, the footsteps are strong and light and the journey is confident and firm. Under the leadership of Feilo Acoustics Party Committee, outdoor development activity of 2018 Feilo Acoustics Young Managers "Flying Plan" trainees was successfully launched in Meihuazhou, Jiaxing from April 21st to 22nd which was organized and designed by Feilo University. GM Assistant and President of Feilo University, Li Dongyue and Deputy Minister of the Working Department of the Party and the Masses, Huang Haijie accompanied and guided for the whole course.

The two-day development activity left a deep impression on the trainees. The trainees were put into various activities in the form of small groups, the overall activity was intense, serious but also lively. The humorous ice-breaking activity brought the distance between trainees to a harmonious atmosphere; the fierce competition activity tempered the will of trainees and enhanced their creativity and execution. The last activity was for all students to jointly complete a giant painting with the theme of "Realize the Dream, Achieve the Future", the division and cooperation within the group was an important basis and the collaboration between groups was the key to the final completion of this painting, this activity promoted the cohesion of among trainees.

The two-day activity ended in sharing insights, all the trainees were grateful to the company to provide the development opportunity, during the process, they not only learned knowledge, but also found a lot of advantages from partners while realizing shortcomings of their own, in the future, they would practice what had learnt, had felt, had understood to work. President of Feilo University, Li Dongyue shared with everyone that no matter what difficulties, frustrations, or grievances one suffered in work, as long as adhered to the spirit of "not giving up, not abandoning, not complaining", whether individual or team would enjoy a bright future!

This outdoor development activity built a good learning platform for trainees and during this process, trainees' communication and coordination capabilities, innovation capabilities, and team awareness were improved significantly. The "Flying Plan" was aimed at cultivating young executives who were in full vigor and served as management responsibilities, the successful launching of this activity was also a solid step toward achieving the goal of "training trainees to become complex talents that meet the needs of company's development"!