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"The Taste of the Home"——Posted the Interests of the Year, Celebrating the New Year with Feast

February 15 was the Lunar New Year's Eve, the phenomenon was rather strong, according to the traditional custom of the Spring Festival, and every family will be united together on New Year's Eve to eat a grand and warm New Year's Eve dinner. On this holiday season, in order to make the family members come from all over the country of Feilo Investment to experience the strong festival atmosphere together, the company held a New Year's Eve dinner photo sharing activity in Wechat Moments with the theme of "the taste of home". Participants were asked to post their New Year's Eve dinners and invited friends to like it, the one received the most like would win the Most Popular Award, besides, there were other awards including Shanghai Customs Award, Creative Dishes Award, Best Photography Award, Strongest Phenomenon Award and Best Photogenic Chef Award, the winners could win mysterious gifts.

This activity received positive responses, and on New Year's Eve, a series of entries were posted in Moments. Various kinds of New Year dinner were demonstrated in moments vividly, seafood feast, Shanghai cuisine, Northern dumplings and a rich variety of delicates that integrate the North and South, Chinese and Western. Buddies form Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan, Henan, Guangdong and other places posted dinners with customs characteristics of the eight cuisine, "Taste of China III" was opened ahead of schedule which feeding everyone's sight on and enjoying the intensive knowledge and charm of Chinese culture on New Year's Eve dinner.

Finally after everyone's active participation and enthusiastic praise, the award-winning results subsequently announced when the New Year's bell sounded, Xia Jiaying and Zhang Xiaoyi won the Most Popular Award as they received 100 likes respectively, the other 5 special award winners were: Wang Ronghua for Shanghai Customs Award, Gong Zhi for Creative Dishes Award, Wang Zhiwei for Best Photography Award, Zhang Yeting for Strongest Phenomenon Award and Xing Tianyuan for Best Photogenic Chef Award.

The Lunar New Year has come in a sound of song and laughter. Wish every staff that grow with the family of Feilo Investment and silently dedicated work smoothly in the New Year, everything goes well and have all the wishes in the year of the dog! Let us consider Feilo Investment as our own home and share "the taste of home".