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Source: Shanghai Yaming Security Committee

On Nov 9th,Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. held an emergency fire evacuation exercise in order to meet the 27th Fire Day and further strengthen the safety of enterprises and effectively enhance staff awareness of fire safety and disaster prevention, emergency response capabilities.

At 13:00, Wang Aiguo, party secretary and chairman of the rehearsal general assembly, announced the commencement of the exercise. When the bell rang, the warehouse staff evacuated to the nearest safe exit and quickly evacuated to the assembly site. At 13:01:22, evacuees are safely reached the collection site collection. At 13:02, the responsible for counting the number of people confirmed that all staff arrived safely and reported to the commander in chief.

Subsequently, the staff for everyone to explain the use of fire extinguishers and fire hose and fire precautions, we conducted on-site practical exercises, mastered a more correct operation so as to learn self-help and rescue fire knowledge.

Through this exercise, employees have a deeper understanding of fire safety knowledge and the proper use of actual combat skills so that employees understand how to escape in the face of unexpected emergencies, how to effectively implement such knowledge as fire fighting. We achieved the "safe, orderly and rapid" response to fire accidents and improved the ability of all departments to deal with emergencies command handling, so as to achieve the desired effect of exercise.