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2017 is an important year for implementing the "13th Five-Year Plan" and also a crucial year for the implementation of the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" for the purpose of continuing to deepen the legal awareness of corporate legal personnel. On the afternoon of November 9, Shanghai Feilo's legal Department conducted legal training on corporate legal personnel. The training was conducted by Zhao Kailai, Deputy General Manager of Feilo and Secretary of the Board of Directors. Mr. Wang Jialan, lawyer and partner of Shanghai Guo Nian Law Firm was invited to do the speach.

The theme of this training is "Legal Risk Prevention of Construction Project Construction Contracts". Ms Zhao said that the contract is an important document for the company and runs throughout the entire business operation from beginning to end. Therefore, contract management is of the utmost importance. In contract management, legal risk Prevention is the top priority, but also the skills forensic staff must have. During the training, Mr. Wang introduced and elaborated in detail four aspects of the legal risk prevention and contract management of construction contracts based on the specific cases and their professional experiences from the aspects of the signing, performance and management of the company, the general concepts and elements of the contract.