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Correspondent: Zhi Kexing

Translator: Rao Yulei

In order to enhance fire safety awareness of all the employees in Henan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. and improve the ability to cope and deal with fire hazards, in the afternoon of September 12th, Henan base and Yanshi Public Security Fire Brigade jointly carried out a large-scale fire safety emergency drill. The drill included four items: fire fighting emergency rescue exercise, portable fire extinguisher usage, fire hydrant operation and daily fire control knowledge training.

The drill officially started at 15:00 p.m. No. 1 production workshop suddenly "broke out a fire", all the employees quickly withdrew from positions according to the escape skills evacuation when hearing the fire alarm and orderly evacuated to outside led by the evacuation group; the emergency rescue group in strict accordance with regulations to operate indoor fire hydrant; Yanshi Public Security Fire Brigade rushed to the scene after receiving the 119 fire demand and use high pressure water cannon to fight with the fire point in No. 1 production workshop; the fire fighters immediately used a fire control ladder to rescue the trapped people on the fifth floor of the building when they issued a distress signal. Subsequently, medical team members also arrived at the field of fire at the first time to help the trapped people.

The fire drills lasted 30 minutes, the simulation scene was real and the rescue organization was orderly. The on-site commanders of both sides are decisive and well-directed, they reasonably deployed rescue forces with tacit understandings, the participated fire officers and soldiers were trained and motivated and demonstrated a high level of training and good military literacy, which laid a good foundation for the further development of "military and civilian co-development".

After the drill, Yu Bing, Squadron Leader of Yanshi Public Security Fire Brigade introduced the types and usage methods of fire extinguishers and how to correctly operate fire hydrant to put out a fire and other contents on the spot. This training had enhanced fire safety awareness and on-site coping abilities of all staff. Lai Haipeng, Deputy General Manager of Henan Base and Security Chief, indicated that "there was no small matter in security", security is not only related to corporate image but also related to the vital interests of every employee, no fluke mind was allowed confronting security!