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Correspondent: Zhi Kexing

Translator: Rao Yulei

In the morning of September 8, 2017, Henan base organization a start-up meeting of quality month activity with the theme of "Quality establishes development, strength builds brand", and the head of each department attended the meeting, the leading group of 2017 quality month activity was also founded to guarantee the smooth operation of the activity in Henan base.

At the meeting, Vice Leader, Guo Shengfan delivered a mobilization speech to detailed explained the purpose and scheme of quality month activity and emphasized to launch the activity from four aspects: first, we should attach great importance to quality month activity from the ideology and vigorously publicize it to create a strong atmosphere of "quality month" activity; second, all the departments should conscientiously implement the publicity and education of quality (propaganda slogans, posters, quality manuals, the propaganda and implementation of quality management systems, etc.) through continuously pushing forward quality management systems of ISO9001 and TS16949 and to intensify the awareness of quality through enhancing the training of basic knowledge to staffs and leading by example; third, carried out solicitation activity of "rationalization proposals on improving product quality" to encourage employees to actively contribute to the company's product "quality control"; forth, organized management personnel and excellent employees to visit and learn from benchmarking enterprises and recognized current situation to find out the gaps and shortcomings for changing and progress.

At the end of the opening meeting, the heads all departments expressed their positivity on responding to the call of company and earnestly put the quality month activity into practice and highlight the focuses, at the same time, in virtue of the opportunity of this activity, made pointed references to solve the problems in the process of quality management in all departments and comprehensively improve the level of quality management.