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Staff world 员工天地


Correspondent: Zhi Kexing

In order to further implement Feilo strategic planning for smart city development, promote Feilo culture and enhance staff’s team collaboration awareness, Feilo leaders and teachers such as Feilo general manager assistant and Feilo University President Li Dongyue visited Henan base during October 10-11, 2017 for a two-day training guidance.

Henan base leading cadres and all the staff attached great importance to and actively participated in this training. GM Gao Wenlin delivered an opening speech, to thank for Feilo headquarter leaders and teachers’ training guidance. He believed that the training can effectively help Henan base staff’s understanding and awareness of Feilo, smart city and product development process, thereby improving their professional knowledge, enhancing their team awareness which will lay a certain foundation for further development of Henan base.

Subsequently, Li delivered a speech emphasizing spirit of thanksgiving in the hope that everyone cherishes the job opportunities, and promotes better development of Henan base under the leadership of GM Gao.