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Successful Conclusion of the Training on On-site Management Rating at Jiangxi Base by FACS

In order to help production bases create a standardized, clean, tidy, cozy and orderly operating environment and cultivate good habits for the employees, the Production and Operating Center of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, Feilo University conducted training on on-site management rating at Jiangxi Base from Aug 9 to Aug 11. Participants of this training are from: Production and Operating Center of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, Feilo University, Shangdong Base, Hubei Base, Sichuan Base, and Jiangxi Base.

Two external experts were invited to expound on the importance and methods of on-site management from the following five aspects: 5S and visual management, equipment management, document management, safety and environment management and resource management. They said that “Quality, equipment and safety are the three interconnected pillars of on-site management that demand a high degree of coordination, and should constitute an issue of concern for every on-site supervisor. Supervisors are expected to be strategically poised and forward-looking, and to take preventative methods to forestall any pitfalls and unfavorable impact by adopting FMEA method so as to minimize ex post remediation.

For trainees to better grasp the theoretical knowledge, external experts went to Jiangxi Base as the first stop of on-site management rating to assess the workshops and conduct training sessions. After the assessment, the experts spoke highly of the on-site management at Jiangxi Base, saying that thanks to the supervisors, the base enjoys orderly and smooth operation. Moreover, waste is turned to turntables and fixed bases for packaging, which are not only environmentally friendly but also time efficient and beneficial to the employees. This shows that supervisors are putting themselves in employees’ position.

Mr. Zhuang Shenzhi, GM of the Greater South Region, after learning about the training session at Jiangxi Base, took time out of his tight schedule on his way from Wuhai to Wuning, participated in the training and visited the workshops together with the experts and participants from other bases. He learnt about the shortcomings in on-site management of the Jiangxi Base and urged the supervisors to fix the problems with the knowledge learned, sum up ways for making progress based on routine experience and strive to become excellent on-site supervisors who make due contribution to raise corporate profitability.

The experts also required the bases to get useful takeaways from the training and apply them to their own management work where benefits can be maximized so as to enhance on-site management work, promote the growth of the company and boost productivity.