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Shandong Yaming held law training of Constitution Spirit Interpretation in New Era

The19th CPC NationalCongress reports emphasize "strengthening the implementation and supervision of the Constitution, promoting the constitutional review and safeguarding the authority of the Constitution".

To respond positively to the national policy and according to the requirements of the Superior company INESA, recently, Shandong Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. held law training of Constitution Spirit Interpretation in New Era.Training by the Shandong Base CPC Party branch secretary Zhao Ronggui, and other experts explained the Constitution spirit, let everybody from the basic level knowing the Constitution spirit.

Full implementation of the Constitution, is the first task and basic work of constructing the rule of law in China, and deeply understands that the constitution is the essence of the times, and that the people's understanding and carrying out the Constitution is the basic guarantee of the peoples ' ownership, and that safeguarding the constitutional authority is to uphold the common will of the party and the People.

Shandong Yaming will continue to study and publicize the Constitution through the Platform of Special study, Wechat and other platforms, so as to form a good culture of studying constitution in Shandong.