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Xu Nankai, Executive Vice Minister of Jiangxi Provincial CPC Committee Organization Department Visit

On March 15, Xu Nankai, Executive Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the Jiangxi Provincial CPC Committee, visited and investigated Jiangxi Shenan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied by Jiang Xiaobin, Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Municipal Organization Department, Zhong Yimin, County Party Secretary, Ye Xiutang, Deputy County Party Secretary and County Magistrate, Wei Weixin, Standing Committee of County Party Committee and Minister of County Organization Department and Wu Keqing, Deputy County Magistrate.

Through his visit, Xu Nankai learned that Jiangxi Shenan Yaming had made great efforts to develop party building since the establishment of the party branch in 2017 and took the "Four Beneficial", referring to "beneficial to the production and operation of enterprises, beneficial to enhance the cohesion of enterprises, beneficial to improve the quality of employees, and beneficial to the healthy development of enterprises", as the core of party building to carry out in an all-round way, meanwhile, through party building, it had brought significant improvements to the company's production, operation and growth. In response, Xu Nankai highly affirmed the party building of Jiangxi Shenan Yaming, he also said that party building in the enterprise was conducive to the development of enterprises, the concept and culture of the Communist Party could also find combining points with business operations. He hoped that the enterprise would combine the exemplary role of party members with job skills competition of enterprises to promote better development.