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Survey Research Group of Ministry of Organization of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Visited Jian

On the afternoon of April 25, 2018, the survey research group of Ministry of Organization of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee visited Jiangxi Shenan Yaming to conduct survey research on the theme of "The Practice and Exploration of 'Two Covers' in Jiangxi". Zhou Xunguo, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Organization of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Provincial Non-public Economic Organization and Social Organization Working Committee, as well as group leader of the survey research, led Tang Leyi, Deputy Director of the Leading Group Office of Party Construction of Provincial Party Committee and Deputy Leader and other group members including Zhou Wenhui zand Li Wenchao came to our company for investigation, accompanied by Tu Xiaohua, member of the Organization Ministry of Jinxian County Committee, Wu Xuewei, member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Jinxian County, Zhuang Shouyang, General Manager of the company and other leaders.

The survey research group visited party building exhibition board in the company hall, R & D Department, Quality Inspection Department and Manufacturing Department, and investigated relevant experience and work practices of party building culture corridor and "party member activity room" of the company. In the forum, party construction situation was introduced and committee members and party members were individually interviewed, the group also consulted information and highly praised the party branch's practice of carrying out party building work in combination with the actual conditions of the company's production and management, business needs, and improvement of employee quality (such as reading and exchange activities, youth job skills contests, learning leaflets, etc.). In particular, they fully affirmed the distinctive features and achievements of the company in party building of the non-public party organization in the economic development zone and they hoped the party branch would continue to intensify exploration and innovation in non-public party organization of party building and provide experiences and references for non-public party organizations in the whole province.

Since its founding in November 2016, the Party branch of Jiangxi Shenan Lighting Co., Ltd. has always carried out party building in accordance with the requirements of "adhering to one thought", giving full play to the "two roles", paying attention to the "three tasks", reaching the "four promotion" and realizing the "five excellences". First is "adhering to one thought" (taking the Party's Nineteenth National Congress as its guiding principle and the "four beneficial" as the guiding ideology which referring to party construction must be beneficial to enterprise production and management, be beneficial to strengthen enterprise cohesion, be beneficial to improve employee quality and be beneficial to enterprise healthy development); second is giving full play to the "two roles" (the condensation role of party organizations and the leading role of party members); third is paying attention to the "three tasks" (pay attention to build the ranks of Party members and activists and improve their quality. Pay attention to the implementation of "three sessions and one lesson" and "party member activity day" and strengthen the building of party conduct and discipline. Pay attention to the "party building activities" to enhance the cohesiveness of party organizations and the influence of party building); forth is reaching the "four promotion" (promote the production and operation of enterprises, promote the unity and harmony of enterprises, promote the development of corporate culture, and promote the improvement of the overall quality of the staff team); fifth is realizing the "five excellences"(excellent leadership team, excellent party member team, excellent working mechanism, excellent work performance, excellent masses reflection).