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Party affairs 工作纪实


On December 19th, 2017, Feilo Acoustics held summary and exchange meeting on party building of party secretaries, Party Secretary Xiang Min, General Manager Zhuang Shenan, Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary and Labor Union Chairman Tao Weiguo, nearly 30 people from each subordinate company and department, heads of party organizations in each region and party secretaries of grassroots units attended the meeting which presided over by Secretary Xiang and lasted for one and a half days.

At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Zhuang Shenan informed the company's operating conditions in 2017 and budget plan for 2018, and shared the ideas of the company's business model and financial innovation. GM Zhuang mentioned in his speech that the largest risk for an enterprise was stop developing, he hoped all party branches at all levels and all party members would involve into the development of Feilo.

At the meeting, all units, departments and party organizations conducted exchanges and summarizations on the development of party building in 2017, which provided a great deal of reference for other units to carry out party building and the participants were deeply impressed.

Secretary Xiang Min said at the meeting that party building work should be closely integrated with enterprise economic work, as long as the promotion of corporate culture and party building should be complied with the new requirements and new rules of state-owned enterprises. In addition, Secretary Xiang elaborated the shortcomings of party building in 2017 and key tasks for 2018 with specific requirements.

The participants studied the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress by watching the video, after study, Huang Haijie, Vice Minister of Department of the Party and the Masses Affairs, Tao Weiguo, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee and Labor Union Chairman, provided training on party building practice and labor union practice of the discipline inspection committee respectively.

After the meeting, party secretary of each party said that the exchange of party building work had gained considerable achievements and would help to effectively improve and enhance party building work standards of all units and departments.