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Party affairs 工作纪实

CCP Committee Leaders of Province, Municipality, County and District Arrive at Jiangxi Base for Insp

On the afternoon of 13th June, 2017, the leaders arrived at Jiangxi Shen’an Yaming Photoelectric Science & Technology Co., Ltd. for inspecting the work, including deputy director Tang Leyi from the Office of CCP Construction Leading Group of Jiangxi provincial CCP committee and so on. Accompanied with the Company’s leaders, they inspected the work of the Company’s CCP construction with giving high marks on it, and they also give necessary guidance.

Leaders of CCP committee came to the CCP Activities Room and knew about something on the Company’s CCP construction through in-depth communication. They put forward: the work of CCP construction shall be planned, deployed and implemented; learning records shall be complete; the work of CCP construction shall be combined with the Company’s operation.

At last, they expressed the relevant requirements of implementing the policy of combining the work of CCP construction with the Company’s operation for better production. The strength of CCP members shall be given full play for contributing to the sound development of the Company.