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Party affairs 工作纪实


Jan 21, 2017, Henan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd held 2016 annual summary and commendation ceremony. Hosted by the partner employee Liu Juntao and Hua Linna, it’s joined by company GM Gao Wenlin, vice GM Lai Haipeng, Xu Huanqing, Wei Tianhua etc. senior leaders with over 130 employees in the gorgeous and warm lighting show Hall to share the joy and look to the future.

GM Gao Wenlin firstly expressed thanks to all employees’ efforts of the whole year; then objectively fully summarize the performance of last year. Sonorous motivation lit passion of all colleagues together to chase dream in the new year, sincere words were into everyone’s heart; Lastly, he sang a peaceful song to wish all colleagues life with peace and happiness.

The conference focused on honoring good performance of 2016 from individuals and group, speeched by representatives. The strong affirmation from company’s recognition for the efforts being made largely increases and inspires all staff to become the advanced individuals and group.

The annual meeting 2016 of Henan Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd ended in a beautiful song, with cheers and applause. The holding of the meeting pointed out the development direction for the new year and increased the power. Henan Yaming staff will forge ahead in unity under the leadership of GM Gao Wenlin, to become a model base!