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Party affairs 工作纪实


On Jan 20, 2017, themed by "Flying with dream, co-creating glory", Shanghai Feilo Investment held summary and development meeting 2017 in Shanghai HongQiao Guest Hotel. Feilo Investment executive vice president Yin Xintao, Feilo GM Office secretary Zhu Hua, Feile investment Dept. manager Chen Jing, Feilo Legal Dept. manager Yang Ying etc. dept. heads and staff attended this meeting. This is Feilo Investment’s 2nd full meeting since been set up, and is the one most attended and widely reported.

Chaired by labour union president Zhang Lu, the meeting started in Feilo’s song "success till forever". Feilo Investment executive vice president Yin Xintao gave opening speech and did accurate company's annual report. He summarized the company financial indicators and annual results of 2016, then analysed current international economic and political situations, and lighting industry trends, followed by 2017 goals and plan, mainly as below five points: 1, to strengthen internal management; 2. to deepen the foreign key markets; 3. to use innovative financial tools; 4. to enhance the core product value; 5. to foster international talents.

Then company finance director Guan Shiming, vice president Zhuang Lizhi and departmental managers made detailed reports on 2016 regarding Feilo Investment sales targets, project implementation, new market development, overseas companies asset management, product planning, financial innovation and regulation, branding etc. development goals of each sector. Meanwhile, heads of all departments led staff making statements and oaths.

On awarding ceremony, labour union president Zhang Lu announced 2016 excellent employee list. Best Newcomer: Chen Jian, Shentu Shenyue, Zhu Hui; Best Service: Cai Yulu, Ding Guo, Li Wei. Best Sales: Xia Xiuying; Best Project Team: Hungary project team, Ma Chuanming, Zhang Xiuwen, Pan Jingcheng, Bai Xiaoqian, Ding Zuosheng. Company leaders awarded one by one, and expressed appreciation for their outstanding contribution to company’s development.

Finally Yin concludes that 2017 will be a fly year for Feilo Investment, 2016 has past and 2017 leave us not much time. It’s hoped everyone focus on business and not to give up any opportunities. Besides, reporting and discussion contents of this meeting will be refined and detailed afterwards in each department and implemented on various projects and priorities.

In 2017, Feilo Investments will take concerted efforts and innovation spirit to open a new journey.