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Party affairs 工作纪实


In January 15, 2017,  Beijing Shenan Investment Group held annual summary and commendation meeting 2016 in beijing. Xie Shengjun, general manager of Beijing Investment Group Co., ltd..with the presence of  Mr.Zhuang Shen'an general manager, Miss Xiang Min, General Secretary, Xiang Min and other 200 employees  together to share the joy, looking forward to the future.

The first thing of this conference was to awards the advanced individual and  collective of outstanding performance in 2016, affirmed their work over the past year.

During the conference, the GM of each base made a brief report for their work, reviewed  the work of last year, planned future development. GM of Shen’An Group, Xie Shengjun,  of reviewed and summarized comprehensively and objectively the previous year's achievements and shortcomings, and ignite the passion and dreams made sonorous and forceful speech.

Finally, GM of Feilo acoustics, Zhuang Shenan affirmed the achievement of Shen’An Group on 2016,analyzed domestic and foreign trade situation, issued  Shen the future development strategy of the group; He also explained the development problems and difficulties encountered in the process of interpretation at the same time, and thanked to all the staff to contribute to an application in the development. Mr. Zhuang emphasized, 2017 is "management year", the whole company to lay a solid foundation of hard skills "as an important work for future development. In addition, we must focus on the future development of the group put forward three requirements, that is, to maintain passion, ability to maintain, maintain performance.

I believe Shen'an Group employees in Feilo under the leadership of INESA, Feilo’s advantage, in 2017 will be innovative and full of passion to reach new heights.