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Party affairs 工作纪实


  7月11日,上海飞乐音响股份有限公司举行了 2012-2014年度先进党组织、先进共产党员表彰大会,共同纪念中国共产党成立93周年,同时围绕深化国资国企改革、推进和落实企业发展转型这个主题,总结上半年工作,部署下半年工作重点,弘扬先进、深化认识、明确任务、鼓舞干劲。出席大会的领导有公司党委书记、总经理李志君,党委副书记、纪委书记、工会主席项敏,党委委员、副总经理施永兴,公司所属各企业的党员共计160余人参加了大会。
       July 11, Shanghai Feilo acoustics Co., Ltd. held 2012--2014 year advanced party, advanced communist awards ceremony, to commemorate the 93 anniversary of the Communist Party of China, around the same time deepening the state owned enterprise reform, promote development and implementation of corporate restructuring this theme, summed up the first half of the work, the focus of the second half of the deployment, promote advanced, deepen understanding, a clear mandate to motivate. Leaders attended the meeting are party secretary, general manager Li Zhijun, deputy party secretary of the Discipline Committee, Xiang Min union president, Deputy General Manager Shi Yongxing, the company owned enterprises totaled more than 160 party members attended the meeting. 
      The Assembly will first advanced party branches, advanced party members were commended. Deputy party secretary of the Discipline Committee, Xiang Min union president read out "on the recognition of 2012--2014 annual Feile Audio-Visual Company advanced party branches, advanced communist decision", all the leaders were two advanced 16 advanced Communist Party branch and awarded a prize. Subsequently, the party secretary, Li Zhijun, general manager for the party members here vivid lectures, he combined with the actual situation, promote and implement the company's development around the transition, stressed the need to further establish the development of the core LED industry confidence and determination to improve companies operating quality and efficiency through further expansion of market development and enhance market competitiveness, and further through management innovation, model innovation to accelerate the pace of development. Finally, Li Zhijun asked every party members should play an exemplary role, in close connection with the actual unit, clear objectives, expand ideas, explore the potential to implement the plan, and strive to make new achievements in promoting the implementation of the restructuring and development of the company's work in various fields !