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Party Secretary from INESA Holding Wang Qiang Investigated Party Building in Feilo Acoustics

On December 17th, 2014, a group of leaders including Wang Qiang, party secretary and chairman of INESA Holding Company, Tian Yuan, deputy party secretary and secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Chen Jing, president of labor union, Gu Wen, general manager of Human Resource Dept. and head of Leaders Dept., and Yu Dong, Director of Strategic Operation in INESA investigated party building in Feilo Acoustics.


Li Zhijun, party secretary and general manager of Feilo Acoustics, Xiang Min, deputy party secretary, secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, and labor union president, Li Hong, company’s CFO participated in this investigation.


Wang Qian fully appreciated Summary of Party Building Work in 2014 delivered by deputy party secretary Xiang Min and Thoughts on Party Building Work in 2015 delivered by party secretary Li Zhijun. Wang Qiang pointed out that party building in Feilo Acoustics has distinctive features, and party secretary Li Zhijun’s thoughts on conducting party building work during a time of integration are well-grounded. According to Wang Qiang, party building must center around and boost economic work. In the reform of state-owned enterprises (SOE) in Shanghai and in transforming towards a mixed ownership economy, Feilo Acoustics should embrace challenges in party building work, playing to its strength as an SOE in enhancing consensus among leaders and employees, and further strengthen institutional mechanisms to boost confidence in developing SOEs. Finally, Secretary Wang once again stressed four things. First, the nature of Feilo as an SOE has not changed and consensus should be shared among leaders and employees by revitalizing national brands and improving company’s image. Second, a path towards mixed ownership should be found. Third, party building should be innovative, exploring and summarizing party building work under mixed ownership. Fourth, INESA Holding and Electronics Group will support profound reform in Feilo Acoustics. Party leaders from INESA Holding also commented on party building work in Feilo Acoustics in 2014 and gave advice o such work in 2015.