Landscape beauty series 景观亮美系列

Wuning Project

1.Total completed installation of various types of luminaires about 10,000 sets, including 9932 sets of wall washer, 3258 sets of flood lights, 126 sets of plank road lamps , 20 sets of watermark lamps, 7350 sets of point light source , 756 sets of guardrail tube, 365 sets of wall lamps, 152 sets of kicking footlights, pattern lights, stage lights, etc. 10 types, nearly 50 types of specifications.

2.Wusen System: 13 mainframes, over 3,000 cold fog nozzles, high-pressure water pipe and its accessories of 2,200 meters.

3.Installation of electrical and control lines of over 70,000 meters, of which the nearly 2000 meters’ main cable, 16000 meters’ line trenches, and 41 electrical distribution boxes of the whole project set up.

4.On controlling, the region has total 401 sets of long-distance signal amplifier, 38 sets of distributor, 20,000 meters’ communication fiber, 30,000 meters’ communication network line; and 38 separate control boxes.

5.Completion of the commissioning and the lighting area contains 7 bridges, over 10 km bulkhead, and 7 buildings.