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State-level Tech. Center 国家技术研究所

技术中心简介R&D center introduction

技术中心简介 R&D center introduction


    As Chinese first stock listed companies and the opening of electric illumination national industry precedent of old Chinese enterprises to promote the popularization of green lighting, the market supply more environmentally friendly energy-efficient lighting products, for the community to participate in 'energy saving referendum action 'to provide energy-efficient products is our responsibility. Instrument and Electronics Group under the guidance of new development strategy, the Board decided to focus Feile green lighting, green lighting concentrate superior resources to expand the industrial chain. Developed and adopted an innovation-driven, restructuring and development to achieve extraordinary development, bigger and stronger strategic development of green lighting industry.

      Feile in order to achieve extraordinary development strategy, enterprise spent 117 million yuan to establish a state-level technology center, the whole center construction area of 8,500 square meters, the project according to the standard level enterprise technical centers and national laboratories for research and development of technology hardware and software upgrades, and create a first-class environment for scientific and technological innovation and technical personnel. The building is divided into five floors, ground and first floor are technology demonstration center for energy saving lighting showcase new technologies, new products, new materials, new equipment and applications, simulation scenarios show presentations and other technological achievements, triple and quadruple layer is used to design, test, trial and other technology research and development, five for testing testing center. The company has developed more than 200 professional and technical personnel of the team. Project for equipment and information technology hardware and software upgrades or new investment of 52.9 million yuan, 3 billion yuan to expand to assume the energy-saving lighting products scale innovation-driven tasks.