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Feilo Acoustics“2016 Feilo Sylvania International Growth Conference” Ending Successfully


It was piercing cold in Shanghai, while it was a furious spring in International Convention Center.

After a two-and-a-half days of passionate interactions and sincere discussion, on January 24, 2016, “2016 Feilo Acoustics · Sylvania International Growth Conference”held by Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. with the title of “united togetherwinning together”ended successfully in Shanghai International Convention Center.

The closing session in the afternoon was passionate and exciting. Sylvania CEOs from all over the world rushed to deliver a speech on the stage. They all claimed that they had never felt such meeting atmosphere, and never experienced this kind of passion and integration. They also said that they would keep this passion, and brought it into the future work, and repaid this new big family, Feilo Acoustics, with excellent performance. Subsequently, the executives from different countries also signed liability statement of business commitment passionately on the spot to Sylvania CEOs and the general manager of Feilo Acoustics.The signing amount wasexciting.

As head of the big family, Feilo Acoustics, the general manager, Zhuang ShenAn was more excited and full of passion.He said that the conference was tense, ardent, full of passion, and achieved fruitful results. He said it was fantastic for the three days; through the three days of communication and interactions, career development was discussed, affection and friendship were enhanced, and he also felt passion and vitality.He believed the infusion of the fresh blood?Sylvaniawould not only make FeiloAcoustics fast grow, but also bring new international vision and great power for the future development of FeiloAcoustics.

Cai Xiaoqing, president of INESA and chairman of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, gave closing statement. He firstly spoke highly of general manager, Zhuang ShenAn’s passion and work spirit. He said Zhuang ShenAn had a strongly inspiring language, and his passion could melt ice. However, his inspiring words were not brag or empty boast; he did what he said. Chairman Cai said the conference strengthened communication and confidence, built consensus, motivated enthusiasm, and laid a good foundation for the development of Feilo Acoustics and Sylvania. At the same time, he stressed that the current global economic situation was complex; lighting industry was speeding up structural adjustment; industry structure changes drastically; more intense market competition and inevitable merger and reorganization were going to come. For Feilo Acoustics, a new round of structural adjustment in global lighting industry was not only a challenge, but also an opportunity. Under this background, merger and acquisition of Feilo Acoustics and Sylvania not only conformed to the development aspirations of both sides, but also were objective needs of those routes.

New fusion created new hope. On the principle of “resource sharing, complementary advantages and value maximization”, both Feilo Acoustics and Sylvania took full advantages of resource synergy in the market, and conducted in-dept multilateral and various forms of cooperation in products, technology, solutions, smart city and other businesses. In addition, they established new business model and commonly advanced the oversea

s business development of both sides, which would bring a greater market space for them and commonly enhance their comprehensive competitiveness in global lighting industry.

This conference came to a successful conclusion in creative sailing ceremony.