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At the beginning of new year, from 22nd to 24th January, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd., the first listed company of China, held successfully ‘2016 FEILO?SYLVANIA INTERNATIONAL GROWTH CONFERENCE’ of the theme ‘UNITED TOGETHER WINNING TOGETHER’ at Shanghai International Convention Center. This is the very first global conference of corporate leaders after successful acquisition of European famous brand SYLVANIA Lighting International Ltd. General managers, financial controllers from 48 countries all over the world, superior management team of Feilo Acoustics and general managers from 10 bases of China attend this conference.

The conference began with the beautiful melody of Feilo’s company song ‘Success to Forever’. All elites from different countries gathered together in order to discuss development strategy. The atmosphere of convention center was so hot, participants were so passionate that every representatives from financial industry, from brokerage, experts and specialists from lighting industry and journalists were moved like endless rolling Yellow River.

Mr. WANG Qiang, INESA’s president, Mr. HUANG Jingang, INESA’s vice-president, and Mr. Rajif, president of Havells India Ltd., original holding company of SYLVANIA, presented the conference, congratulated and issued important speeches. Both significant corporate leaders expressed their confidence for the future of Feilo Acoustics after this reconstruction, hoping that complementary advantages are going to make company stronger, bigger and more vigorous, the leading brand of world lighting industry, in return, company could contribute more to share-holders, employees, society and improving world climate change.

Mr. ZHUANG Shenan, general manager of Feilo Acoustics declared appointment of leaders of global companies, and made excellent speech about company’s new development strategy. He pointed out, Ya brand of Feilo Acoustics and SYLVANIA are both century-old lighting brands, this combination would definitively strengthen collaboration effect and enhance brand influence, and get much larger market occupancy.

Since 2015 the company has come up with the strategic development orientation ’Brand, Internationalization, Capital’, and havs achieved unexperienced success. In terms of Brand, We engaged international star Mr. Arnold with rational payment. Mr.Schwarzenegger, our image spokesman, built a rather high level of our brand. The execution of Shanghai Tower illumination project also won ‘high-end, classy, high-grade’ reputation for Feilo Acoustics.

In terms of Internationalizaton,since January 29th last year in Beijing People’s Hall, we signed a 3-billion-euro order with France, underthe witness of Chinese Premier and French Premier, we have continued signing orders with Hungary, Brazil, America, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Middle-East countries, which is huge success of implementing our international strategy. Acquiring the world famous brand SYLVANIA in 89-day is another remarkable lightening battle.

At the same time, this is not just the realization of brand or internationalization strategy, it is a comprehensive achievement of all three strategies. By acquiring SYLVANIA, not only did we own an international brand, but also we got access to international sales networks, accumulated huge enough capital, and most important, we have many world-class experts and specialists, which is the most essential fortune of Feilo Acoustics, our firm base to achieve three strategies.

In the future, Feilo Acoustics will fulfill all SYLVANIA’s distribution channels with Feilo’s LED products, and meet all requirements of engineering project. In order to reduce financial cost, and avoid investment risks and financial risks caused by high interest rate, we will utilize some creative financial methods. We will deliver power to lower levels, give everyone a much better development space to show your ability and ambition with substantial business strategy, and at the same time strengthen legal supervision to ensure business within normal range. We will also propose a series of incentive schemes in order to give full play to everyone’s initiative. On basis of not losing distribution channels, we promote engineering projects with our full power and support.

When it comes to the future development of LED, Mr. ZHUANG Shenan pointed out that LED would develop to the orientation of personalization and smart control. LED could be combined arbitrarily, which is a huge potential for personalization. That is why we are developing smart street light, which could be used for urban streets, community, even construction of smart city. At last, Mr. ZHUANG Shenan emphasized that our company would continue executing three strategies, and fully exploit capital to enlarge M&A, in order to realize our company’s Chinese Dream, Global Dream.

Christian Schraft, President and CEO of Havells Sylvania Europe, not only responded Mr. ZHUANG Shenan’s new development strategy, and also described and commented performance, plan and incentive scheme. By implementing incentive scheme, we could fully deploy team members’ initiative, stimulate company’s vitality, gather talented elites, enhance company’s competitiveness and fight capacity as a whole. At the same, he also expressed that by learning Mr. ZHUANG Shenan’s WORLF SPIRIT, they would consolidate their distribution channels and expand engineering projects, fight for win-win.

There has also been GM’s session and CFO’s session for general managers and financial controllers from overseas subsidiaries during this conference. All talented guys from all over the world expressed their opinions from their real situations. By discussion and communication, participants had a clearer idea of development orientation, lay firm theory foundation for achieving this year’s and future objectives. Let’s looking forward to this green lighting aircraft carrier driving by international elites leading us to blue ocean in the near future.