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New Year Message

Dear colleagues and comrades,

In a few hours, we’ll step into 2016, a new year filled with more hope, more challenges and more passion as well as embracing happiness. At this moment, please allow me on behalf of Feilo Acoustics, who almost did nothing, to say a sincere “Thank you” to you! Thank you for your efforts and hard work dedicated to new Feilo in the past year and thank you for experiencing pressure and hardships brought by company’s rapid development!

It is your passionate efforts, your courage and wisdom to embrace impossible challenges that have made Feilo reach so many achievements that are considered impossible by many within the past year!

We have successfully reached targeted sales revenue and profit. We’ve signed a 3-billion euro big deal with France, and signed many cooperation agreements with the United Sates, Hungary, Brazil, and several countries in the Middle East. We’ve established 8 overseas corporate entities and Feilo Smart, leading the trend of smart city construction. We’ve invited world famous film star Mr Schwarzenegger to be our spokesman, making the hundred-year-old Ya Brand a household name all over China. By attending the Global Climate Conference held in France, we, as a company from a major country shows our love for plant earth and willingness to shoulder responsibilities. We have even acquired the world’s top 3 brand Sylvania with a snake-swallowing-elephant gumption, completing the layout of brand, international, and capital strategies and thus smoothly accomplishing original mission of new Feilo !

Dear colleagues, all these achievements result from your contributions! The only thing I want to do is to say thank you in my heart again! I am more than willing to continue to work hard together with you, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, to win more awards, realize more “impossible” and reach greater success for shareholders, for society and for you, my dearest brothers and sisters, my closest comrades and partners!

Finally, I wish all of you a happy new year, a sound body, a happy family and all the best!

                                       Zhuang Shenan

31 December 2015