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【BUSINESS INFORMATION】Hubei Base won the 4th annual "Tianmen Lu Yu Quality Award"

“Tianmen Lu Yu Quality Award” leader group invited Hubei provincial evaluation experts, to evaluate the 4th annual "Tianmen Lu Yu Quality Award" declaring enterprise, after the assessment, Hubei base won the award, and received a reward of 100,000 yuan.

The Group of Experts, through the view of the company's excellent performance and management slides, convening a symposium, reviewing documents, on-site inspection, and other ways, detaily understood and commented enterprise production, management performance and excellence in the management of the work.

The award selection activities, summed up the base in quality management practices and results. More importantly, through the evaluation to set a benchmark, guide and motivate enterprises to adopt advanced management methods to form a strong quality,  brand-oriented atmosphere, and strive to improve product, engineering, service and environmental quality level, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.