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【BUSINESS INFORMATION】Warmly Celebrate Shandong Yaming's Approval of Municipal Engineering Laborator

Recently, after material review and on-site examination, Dezhou Development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province approved a batch of municipal engineering laboratories, and Shandong Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. ranked on the list.

The "engineering laboratory" is an important part of urban innovation system, it is a research and development entity established by enterprises, scientific research institutes, or colleges and universities, which intends to improve the industry's independent innovation ability and core competitiveness, and to break through major technical constraints in the adjustment of industrial structure and the development of key industries while strengthening technical support and guarantee for major strategic tasks and key projects at municipal level.

The municipal "engineering laboratory" located in Shandong Yaming has a total construction area of 1400 square meters and its main equipments are imported from famous foreign manufacturers. The laboratory is equipped with single LED and LED light color test system, light distribution curve test system, EMS anti-jamming equipment, etc., which can carry out 6 tests or studies including light distribution curve test, electromagnetic interference test, accelerated aging and life test, electronic ballast analysis and so on.

Shandong Yaming laboratory was approved by the municipal engineering laboratory by high grade through steps of unit application, first-stage review recommendation, field investigation, expert evaluation and so on, it is the recognition of Shandong Yaming's experimental R&D work by Dezhou Municipal Committee, municipal government, municipal authorities and industry experts and an important manifestation of the effectiveness of the company's R&D work. Shandong Yaming will actively undertake all kinds of research and development tasks for the industry in accordance with national standards and strictly enforce provisions covering energy conservation, environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources and so on to provide experimental conditions and R&D achievements for national, provincial, and municipal major strategic tasks, key projects and complete various research and development tasks with high quality.