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【BUSINESS INFORMATION】FLSmart Completed the Construction of Huaxin Tiandi Phase II Smart Streetlight

Recently, FLSmart, a subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics completed the construction of the second phase of Huaxin Tiandi Smart Streetlight Network.

Wander in the park of Huaxin Tiandi Phase II, which is surrounded by overlapping green grass, birds' twitter and flower fragrance. Walking along the trail, there are 20 streetlights in the park that are simple and stylish but very "smart". They are YHE series smart streetlights researched and developed by FLSmart independently, aiming to create a comprehensive solution for smart lighting energy saving and service management in park.

These streetlights are scattered in every area of the park, which integrate intelligent security, wireless Wi-Fi, LCD screen information release, new energy vehicle charging, noise, temperature and humidity, PM 2.5, illuminance monitoring and many other features, enabling comprehensive management of Huaxin Tiandi Phase II under the environment of big data interactive to provide professional intelligent management service for park managers.