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Feilo Construction participated in the 1st China International Low-carbon Technology Exposition

Recently, Shanghai Feilo Engineering Construction Development Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the first China International Low-carbon Technology Exposition.

The theme is “Low-carbon technology, lighting the future”, designed to showcase low-carbon economic development new ideas of low-carbon cities and zones’ new models, and domestic and foreign building energy-saving, green manufacturing, low-carbon networking technology and advanced concepts.

Feilo Construction engineers introduced to related people the dynamic induction "constant lumen" lighting technology applied in Shanghai Center and other green energy-saving engineering, a full range of central green lighting control system, and the smart lighting integrated application solutions based on internet data architecture Platform

As the leading brand enterprise of domestic contract energy management service and smart city construction operators, Feilo Construction has been committed to the green lighting, energy management innovation and development. In recent years, Feilo construction also takes the smart street lamp technology as the core, under INESA and Feilo industry linkage’s leading, explores development road to the smart lighting and smart city operator transformation.