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INESA Chairman Wang Qiang visited Feilo E-commerce

On morning of April 3, Shanghai INESA CPC secretary, and chairman Wang Qiang came to Feilo for business research, recepted by Feilo CPC secretary Xiangmin, vice GM Su Yaokang, GM assistant Tong Min, and Feilo E-commerce executive director and GM Huang Chen, vice GM Shi Huahao.

During the meeting, Shi Huahao introduced the business situation and future prospects of Feilo E-commerce since its establishment in 2016. This paper emphasizes on the characteristics of the new retailing business model, especially the collection of large data through market information feedback, so as to better meet the demand of markets and optimize the integration of resources to achieve the “supply-side reform”.

Wang Qiang, after listening to the situation, firstly affirmed Feilo EE-commerce rapid growth business of this two years. He pointed out that in-depth understanding of market consumer habits, the idea of using information platform to open up new retail consumption mode is consistent with the transformation and development of INESA smart city industry layout. It should focus on the layout of operation and maintenance, firmly grasp the new retailer chance, in the use of the Tianmao and other third-party platforms, to build their own information platform, do a good job on-line and off-line, connecting traditional channels and electric business channels, use nearby the base warehousing logistics, integration of resources, to do not only sell products, but more important is to sell data, and services.

Wang Qiang stressed that the new retail is a new way to adapt to the times, needing the support of software technology and information platform, Feilo-ecommerce can learn from INESA’s other successful projects, especially in software development to have more exchanges and cooperations with INESA‘s other platforms, to adapt to the development trend of INESA transformation, and accelerate the overall development of new retailing and new business mode!