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Feilo launched the 1st season EHS inspection in 2018

In accordance with both requirements from INESA on carrying out 1+3+3 hidden danger checking and controlling and Feilo’s EHS inspection operation regulation, Feilo EHS work group have launched the 1st season EHS inspection from 1st to 30th, March in succession.

The Feilo EHS work group adopted a random connection within all the members and inspected 11 subsidiaries, in detail, the targets were the outstanding unrectified hidden dangers in 2017, risk sources identification and control, infrastructures and fire protection.  

The EHS work group has given a sum-up via some KPI such as EHS inspection coverage rate, numbers of hidden dangers, hidden danger rectification rates and repeated hidden danger rates, which indicated the work that needs improving. Furthermore, they brought up some requirements. During the site walkthrough, the group identified the risk sources that hadn’t been identified before and raised the methods of managing them in a related way, besides, they asked each subsidiary to follow the methods they have given to ensure the management would be strictly executed. During this inspection, the group focused on fire protection safety by checking the workshops, warehouses and storages, fire equipment and fire fighting device design in administration areas, fire partition areas settings, numbers of exits, LPG and natural gas facilities. Last, the group also checked the occupational health conditions, use of Personal Protective Equipment and electric hazards.      

Totally there were 11 subsidiaries inspected and 245 hidden dangers have been observed in the 1st quarter in 2018, which is lower than the same period in 2017, however, the repeated hidden dangers increased, in response to which, the group analyzed and explained the hidden dangers and quoted the regulations and standards in each final meetings, they stated how to rectify in a right way and advised each subsidiary to study those standards to ensure the management to get reinforced and then launch an effective self-check to avoid similar occurrences.    

Feilo EHS production committee office will commence the follow –up on the rectification immediately in response to the 245 observations, meanwhile, they will necessarily provide their support and help during the whole job for all the subsidiaries.