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Feilo Acoustics Held 2018 Quality Management Meeting

Source: Safety & Quality Management Department

2018 is the "Year of Quality" of Feilo Acoustics. In order to fully implement management requirements for improving product quality of Feilo Acoustics, the Safety & Quality Management Department of Production and Operation Center organized 2018 Quality Management Meeting on Guilin Road on March 23rd, a total of 12 units participated in the meeting, including subsidiaries and bases.

The meeting first conveyed the spirit of Feilo Acoustics 2018 Development Working Conference, informed the completion of the KPIs for quality management performance in 2017, analyzed in depth the new situation of the company in promoting quality work, and arranged and deployed recent work priorities. Then, each subsidiary and base carried out 2017 quality management work report as required, apart from summarizing results, they also analyzed existing shortcomings and proposed a follow-up work plan. Each subsidiary and base also highlighted the focus of the quality work in 2018 in the reports. 2018 is the "Year of Quality" of Feilo Acoustics, it is practical to put "quality first" into reality and the primary task of quality workers is to constantly create a new situation of quality work of the company. After earnestly comprehending the company's new 32-character policy in 2018, everyone agreed that strengthening quality management, detailing implementation plans, preventing quality deviations in production and promptly identifying and correcting quality risks in the process would be the top priority for future work.

The Safety & Quality Management Department summed up quality management performance KPI and the key work completed in 2017, especially the completion of the revision and expansion of the ISO9001:2015 quality management system in Feilo headquarters, and the guidance and support to Jiangxi, Hubei and other bases on completing the construction of quality management system, at the same time, they put forward new plans and requirements for quality management in 2018, and established quality goals for 2018. In 2018, we should implement the spirit of the company's "Year of Quality", incorporate modern management methods in the process of quality management, consolidate the foundation of quality management from systems, standards, and structures to improve quality management capabilities and promote the company's high-quality development. Finally, the subsidiaries and bases discussed the problems encountered in supplier quality management and customer quality complaints in current quality management, after active communication and exchange, all units identified the direction, focus and specific requirements of quality management in 2018.

This quality management meeting is of extraordinary significance, quality is the guarantee for the survival and development of enterprises, Feilo Acoustics is also developing from high speed to high quality while facing a qualitative leap, it is imperative to make great efforts to quality management. The quality workers attending the meeting unanimously stated and solemnly promised to take 2018, the "Year of Quality", as an opportunity to build on their own positions, perform quality management work with high standards, high demands, and high quality, and continue to work hard and strive for the improvement of overall quality. Let us stay true to the mission and forge ahead with the dream to realize the new brilliance of Feilo Acoustics.