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Feilo Acoustics 

On April 20th, "Feilo Acoustics 'Ya' Brand 2018 National Important Channel Distributor Exchange Meeting" was successfully held in Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. Feilo Acoustics Deputy General Manager and GM of Channel Business Department, Su Yaokang, Feilo Acoustics GM Assistant and GM of R & D Center, Tong Min, Deputy General Manager of Channel Business Department, Di Liucheng, relevant staff members of R & D center, Channel Business Department and more than 40 important channel distributors of "Ya" brand participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Su Yaokang, Feilo Acoustics GM Assistant and GM of R & D Center, welcomed the distributors present, he hoped that through the exchange meeting, he would conduct in-depth communication and interaction with a wide range of distributors to deepen friendship, express opinions, make concerted efforts and seek common development. In the interactive session of the meeting, the distributors freely asked questions about market order, stocking, delivery, technical support, and other high-profile problems, the company leadership had an honest exchange with distributors on these issues. After the morning meeting, the distributors visited the exhibition hall on the first floor of Yaming and carefully scrutinized the on-site demonstration samples, then shared many constructive suggestions.

In the afternoon, Di Liucheng, Deputy General Manager of Channel Business Department, explained in detail the sales strategy of the channel business department in 2018; Zhang Yongde, Manager of Product Management Department of R & D center, introduced LED channel new products and the iteration of the existing product's finishing and updating of "Ya" brand to the distributors; Wang An, Product Support Manager of Channel Business Department, combined with cases of landscape lighting, demonstrated how existing channel products provide more specific services for distributors in the application of scene. Afterwards, the participants conducted further exchanges and discussions on such topics as customer signing, "I Channel" and inventory clearance.

The exchange meeting deepened the interaction between "Ya" brand and customers and demonstrated the attitude of the "Ya" brand in seeking sincere cooperation and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results with distributors, which enhanced customer confidence, and the staff members listened to actual needs of customers to obtain valuable opinions and suggestions. In 2018, "Ya" brand will continue to forge ahead with its original intention and adhere to the consistent quality of the century-old brand while innovating to change, so as to seek benefits for customers, and create "Ya" brand new glory with customers together.