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Make Concerted Efforts to Promote Growth with Change and Reform ——Feilo Sylvania Convened 2018 Globa

In March, Feilo Sylvania, a subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics, successfully held 2018 Global Development Conference in Budapest, Hungary from March 14th to 16th (Budapest time). INESA Vice President and Feilo Acoustics Chairman, Huang Jingang, General Manager of INESA Market Development Department, Jin Xin, General Manager of Economy Operation Department, Ouyang Kui, General Manager of Feilo Acoustics, Zhuang Shenan, Deputy General Managers, Zhuang Shenzhi and Dai Weizhong, GM Assistants, Tongmin and Yin Xintao, and senior executives of Feilo Sylvania, general managers from various regions of the world, a total of more than one hundred people attended the conference.

The participants held in-depth discussions centering on the theme of "Make Concerted Efforts to Promote Growth with Change and Reform" and clearly defined the four major axes and key tasks of Feilo Sylvania's strategic development, laying a solid foundation for future growth.

Feilo Sylvania CEO Christian Schraft made a wonderful opening speech, he briefly reviewed the remarkable achievements in cutting excessive industrial capacity and accelerating supply chain response speed of 2017 and the global regional autonomy system implemented in 2017. Besides, four main axes for future growth of Sylvania were proposed, namely FMG, Vertical market, Energy and Smart. He hoped that Feilo Sylvania would be able to form a new corporate culture, taking the achievements of the shareholder Feilo Acoustics in the field of smart lighting and the advanced concepts of INESA in the field of smart network framework as the guide to promote growth and change, he also expected everyone to pursue real progress apart from speed and have the courage to make mistakes.

Zhuang Shenan, General Manager of Feilo Acoustics, first affirmed the achievements made by Sylvania in reform, innovation, and projects in the past year, and particularly praised the Southeast Asian team's achievements in earning remarkable profits in the first year of establishment. GM Zhuang stated frankly that there was still much room for improvement in 2017's performance. Under the background of the unfavorable global economic situation in 2018, we needed to learn from each other's concepts so as to achieve real synergy, for example, the European team was more aggressive and the Asia-Pacific team was more cautious, and Shanghai headquarters would also provide more comprehensive support to Sylvania. In addition, he put forward three suggestions: 1.All of Feilo Sylvania's colleagues must follow the development of the times, unite and strive hard, change ideas thoroughly, change form passive to initiative, make active contact with the market and customers, get rid of inertia, change from out-of-date to innovation, and turn theory into action; 2. encourage conservation, save money and reduce costs; 3. strengthen domestic and international collaboration to enhance operational efficiency, combining Chinese low-cost R&D models with European high-end product R&D models and concepts. In the end, GM Zhuang mentioned that 2018 was the “Year of Quality” of Feilo Acoustics, we should make the transition from high-speed development to high-quality development and carry out comprehensive quality improvement in many areas such as service, product, and management.

At this development conference, representatives of the global regions from Northern Europe, Southern Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central America, Mexico, and South America conducted detailed and lively discussions on 2017 operation conditions of each sub region and 2018 sales targets and key work respectively; senior executives at the headquarters made passionate speeches on the latest four major strategic development axes and important themes including finance, operation, product innovation, marketing and so on; in group seminars, all participants were divided into groups, brainstorming on how to make better use of the synergies of the entire organization and making unique presentations on opportunities, problems, and benefits that would be encountered in development. In addition, the heads of all regions and the four leading business departments signed target responsibility letters, and the participants made the pledges for 2018.

At the end of the conference, Huang Jingang, Vice President of INESA and Chairman of Feilo Acoustics, made a concluding speech, he first praised the high working passion and plump working condition of Sylvania team. Subsequently, he introduced the development history of INESA and the current industrial layout of "7+1+2". Combining with the market environment, President Huang pointed out that at present, the international lighting industry was in a period of change and reform, and opportunities were accompanied by challenges while cruelty was pregnant with hope, in the current relatively depressed environment, it was also a process that eliminated inefficient production capacity, inferior products and low-end companies. Feilo Sylvania must firmly hold on in the process and keep up with the pace of the industry to seek consensus in the turmoil and new directions in the risks. At the meeting, Huang Dong conducted in-depth analysis on how to face challenges, how to avoid weaknesses, how to carry forward brand advantages, and how to promote cooperation, and gave many constructive guidance opinions. At the meeting, President Huang conducted in-depth analysis on how to face challenges, how to avoid weaknesses, how to carry forward brand advantages, and how to promote cooperation, and put forward many constructive guidance opinions. In addition, President Huang proposed that the company’s products, business model, and operating environment might change, but the only constant was corporate culture, Feilo Acoustics and Feilo Sylvania had different regional customs, thinking modes, work rhythms, legal background, and so on, which might bring barriers to communication, but we must uphold the principle of "seeking common ground while reserving differences", find common aspirations and achieve common development through common goals.