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Jiading Madong Industrial Park Smart Streetlight Network Demonstration Project Passed Acceptance

The other day, FLSmart, a subsidiary of Feilo Acoustics successfully passed the acceptance of Jiading Madong Industrial Park smart streetlight network demonstration project, providing professional smart road lighting solution for the project owner.

Jiading Madong Industrial Park is an important space carrier for the industrial development in the main urban area of Jiading New City, and it is an urban industrial park with advanced manufacturing as the core and production and service industries as the feature. The smart streetlight demonstration project covers Fenggong Road and Fengrao Road and uses Eucalyptus (DAL) series smart lights to build a road lighting system of integrated, intelligent, information-based, so as to achieve smart lighting, smart security, multimedia information dissemination and other core functions of smart city management. Smart lighting solves the lighting problem that has long plagued the owner and at the same time optimizes lighting solutions to reduce lighting energy consumption for the owner under the premise of meeting the standards of road lighting, which reduces financial expenditure for the owner; the installation of the smart security camera provides more surveillance video for the joint logistics team of Madong Park.

After the acceptance of this project, FLSmart will continue to provide professional and intelligent maintenance services according to the needs of the owner to effectively guarantee the daily operation of the park, which receives high praise from the owner.