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“Staying true to the mission and forwarding with dream” Feilo 2018 Development Conference successfu

The new age is the age of fighter. On March 2018 5-6th, Shanghai Feilo development conference 2018 was held in Hubei Tianmen, the theme was "staying true to the mission and forwarding with dream". The meeting summarizes the main achievements of 2017, clear the target task of 2018, and deploy the key works, it mobilized all cadres and employees, don't forget beginner's mind and keep making progress.

The first day meeting was held by the company's deputy GM Xie ShenJun, started by Feilo enterprise song "Success to Forever". In the morning, GM Zhuang Shenan and CCP secretary Xiang Min successively gave speech on CCP work summary and 2018 work key points, then was the summary and plan report from HR dept. and Financial dept.

The meeting agreed that 2018 year is the year of "quality", simple goal management should be shifted to refined management, to boost the company’s transition from high speed development to high quality development. He also put forward new 32-word policy: refinement in advancement, excellent quality, risk control, efficient actions, rapid response, efficiency promotion, urban operations and financial antecedence.

At the current stage, the company mainly focuses on the landing of “rising strategy”. The meeting unanimously adopted Zhuang’s strategic landing measures, approving “Feilo Outline” as the action outline, continue to hold high INESA strategic banner of smart city, to realize: 1.Transform from a product-based enterprise to a platform-based enterprise; 2. Transform from a simple solution model to smart information model of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data; 3. Transform from smart city construction to smart city construction + operation. In addition, new mode innovations in various areas and synergy on different aspects were also proposed and agreed.

In the afternoon, the company all departments, regions, sub-branches arounding Zhuang ‘s development ideas of 2018 discussed on objectives, performance appraisal methods, etc. to form the target task, key work plan and performance evaluation program.

The next day's meeting was presided by CCP secretary Xiang Min, made clear the various assessment methods and policy decisions of Feilo. Company departments, regions, sub-branches signed 2018-year business indicators task statement, safety work responsibility, CCP party-building work etc., also did solemn oath for corresponding commitment.

INESA vice president, Feilo chairman Huang Jingang fully affirmed the convening of the necessity and influence of the conference, analyzed LED products, industrial chain status and international and domestic industry situation, and put forward specific expectations on management system etc. aspects discussed in the meeting. He said that good characters, good quality, good brand, produce the “harmony”, unity of external friends and internal staff, and finally contributes to "win"!

President Cai expected and thought it laid a very good foundation for future development, but meanwhile shall face the difficulties soberly, objectively. He calmly analyzed the external and internal trend in order to better and steadily forward, into the theme of the whole year. Confidence from the leaders show a great passion , but also in the speech he showed  the various sections of professional, landing measures and methods. Cai also said the mission of an enterprise is to be able to continue to create value for shareholders, customers, employees, and society, but how can this be done? That in the changing era background, the enterprises must keep "change", and to change also requires some not changes, that comes to "5 unchanged and change". President Cai is full of hope and expectations for Feilo’s development and to achieve greater victory.

The conference concluded in Feilo song "Succeeds Forever", the meeting comrade will bring the conference spirit to each position and gather all wisdom and strength to strive for one goal diligently!

Managements from INESA and Feilo as well as company cadres total over 270 attended the meeting, visited by INESA market development dept. and economic operation dept. leaders; Tianmen city managements from CCP and municipal and other dept. leaders also joined to congratulate.