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2018 Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia business exchange meeting successfully held

February 26 -27, 2018, the 2018 Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia business exchange meeting was held smoothly. GM and managements of Feilo Investment and Feilo Sylvania Southeast Asia region as well as related personnel attended the meeting. All attendees conducted in-depth discussions on business progress in Southeast Asia, product roadmap and supply chain docking, contributing wisdom, sharing resources and seeking common development.

At the meeting, managements respectively delivered speeches. They thanked and praised the outstanding achievements of Southeast Asia team in 2017 and hoped to achieve exchange and sharing in business, information, experience between the headquarter and overseas companies, find out the problems existing in the business development and jointly seek solutions through such meeting of business exchange. Then, team members from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan of China started a group discussion with multiple divisions of headquarter regarding to product roadmaps, sales, supply chain and more. During the discussion, the product sales in the previous year were reviewed, product demand in various parts of Southeast Asia was analyzed, and in-depth exchanges were conducted on product certification and factory examination-related docking. At the same time, in order to straighten out the relationship in the supply chain and docking service, find out various problems in the supply chain, all the teams offered advice and suggestions freely and put forward many practical opinions and suggestions.

On the afternoon of February 27, Feilo arranged smart city, smart street lamp network and case presentation for Southeast Asia team. All the members went to Huaxin Smart Park and Operation Center to conduct on-the-spot research on smart street lamp network construction and operation, information control system and multi-function smart lamppost.

The business exchange meeting not only helps GMs and relevant responsible persons in Southeast Asian countries and regions fully understand 2018 product roadmap and new products of the headquarter, but also improves communication mechanism between the headquarter and regions. During the meeting, the two sides conducted all-round docking of markets, product and supply chain, exchanged a lot of effective information, which helped the headquarters better understand local demand, determine direction for this year's product development in Southeast Asia and sort out the specific goals and product roadmap. At the same time, the meeting further deepened the emotional ties between the headquarter and its subsidiaries, boosted the morale of the Southeast Asian team, and promoted the business development in Southeast Asia in 2018, laying a solid foundation for achieving this year's development target.