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Feilo France GM Meng Visited Coate d'Ivoire

On invitation of Coate d'Ivoire PM, INESA EUROPE GM Meng Zhaoqi, local time on morning of June 10, met and talked with Coate d'Ivoire PM in Prime Minister's Office, accompanied by Minister of Energy, Minister of Industry (including national electricity supplying company heads) Minister of Culture, Minister of Sports and Tourism, Special Envoy of President. Afterwards all met with media and delivered speech at office foyer.

During the talks, both sides communicated regarding INESA EUROPE assisting Coate d'Ivoire government to host in September 2017 "French Countries Alliance (nearly 80 countries participates) Conference", advanced LED energy-saving lighting retrofit projects and urban beautification projects of airport, main roads, stadiums etc. such matters. The parties agreed that in recent, organized by INESA EUROPE, Shanghai lighting design experts, engineers and other technical teams would travel to Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast, for investigation, detailed design and cost (budget), as well as project cooperation negotiations. The PM said, it’s been confirmed by the Chinese government, in early December last year in South Africa at the "China-Africa Summit," among Xi Jinping’s pledging 60 billion dollars supporting funds, $ 1 billion were in credits to Coate d'Ivoire.