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Feilo Acoustics won two major awards of energy management contract

On 16 June 2016, sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Informatization Commission, and other 17 units about the Green Industrial Park creation, energy saving and environmental protection services industry innovation and development, and other key work to carry out the "2016 Shanghai Energy Saving Publicity Week" series of activities ushered in the energy industry event -- Shanghai Energy Saving Service Industry Summit and contract energy management innovation and Development Forum.

Municipal Economic and Informatization Commission chief engineer Yuan ChingHai, city development and Reform Commission deputy director QiaoGuoxin,, deputy director of the Committee of science Ma Xinfa and national development and Reform Commission Energy deputy director Dai Yande etc. attended and delivered a speech.

During the meeting, outstanding leader of the industry group had received recognition. In the meanwhile, Shanghai Feilo engineering construction and Development Co., Ltd. received"Twelfth Five Year Plan" period in the contract energy management innovation achievements. Due to the successful application of Shanghai Center of EMC model won the “new engineering combined with energy management demonstration project "and" the Twelfth Five Year Plan 'Shanghai contract energy management services brand enterprise "two honors. Feilo acoustics deputy general Su Yaokang and Feilo acoustics construction deputy general manager Ling Weihu came to accept the award.

New landmark of Shanghai -- Shanghai Center the overall lighting project of EMC project is China's energy-saving enterprises in large-scale new construction using contract energy management to create the first. Thereafter, Feilo construction company will replicate improvement of Shanghai center experience, applied to another large new projects -- Shanghai National Convention Center of EMC projects. The implementation of these two projects to solve the has been in China since 1990s introduced EMC model enterprises to rely solely on the energy renovation project encountered the project less number of small scale development bottleneck, opened the door to innovation for EMC enterprise of the future.

As the outstanding representatives of industry, Feilo, general manager of the construction of Ling Weihu at the summit took the center of Shanghai as an example,

shared experience of using EMC model in new project with participants of the leadership of the government and all the entrepreneurs, and explained the advantages of using of EMC model in the new project, also expressed his wish to obtain society and government’s support on EMC demonstration enterprises in the future development.

In the energy shortage circumstance, environmental degradation, energy conservation and emission reduction is a national strategic policy in parallel with the economic development. Maybe contribution by every EMC implementation enterprise is negligible, but without a short step, there could be no thousand miles; without accumulating small flow, there could be no mighty torrent. We expect the EMC project to have a broader space for development, is also looking forward to the future of blue sky of a betterFeilo acoustics.