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Shanghai City, the old leadership of LuoShiqian, comrade Song Yiqiao came to Feilo Acoustics researc

On the afternoon of June 15, former leader of Shanghai City and deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee Luo Shiqian, former Shanghai Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Song Yiqiao following by Shanghai INESA party secretary, chairman Wang Qiang, accompanied by Feilo acoustics general manager, Zhuang Shenan and party secretary Xiang min, visited the firm.

ZhuangShenan general manager introduced the three titles of the company, namely, "first listed companies, the first branch of incandescent lighting producer, China hybrid system benchmarking enterprise", and three major strategies "brand, capital, the". Further, he emphasized on the achievements after the corporate restructuring and acquisitions of Sylvania, these are, the integration of state-owned and private, domestic and international a variety of cultural and institutional reform.

Luo Shiqian, Song Yiqiao expressed their appreciation for the development and achievements afterFeiloAcoustics’ acquisition and restructuring, LuoShiqian said that it is not easy forFeilo Acoustics to reach such achievement within such a short period of time after the reorganization, it is necessary to focus on difficulties and problems that may encounterafter the reorganization, to summarize the experience in the development of smooth period, and prepare to confront with the difficulties and setbacks. Song YiqiaoFeile Acoustics’ acquisition of Beijing Shen ANN, Sylvania  the two heads are better than one of the synergistic effect obtained afterwards should be given highly comment, and to remind the Feile Acoustics’ leadership to grasp the direction of the economic and social development, in the jungle of the market forward. Finally, LuoShiqian, comrade Song Yiqiao wishes a better acoustics

Development prospect.