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“To Create The Extreme “light language” -Feilo shocked LED Asia Exhibition

From June 9th-12th, the 21st session of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (LED Asia Exhibition) themed by “Thinking, Lighting, New Vision”, was  held in the China Import and Export Fair Complex. The high-profile, Asia's largest and the most influential event of the lighting industry, brought together more than 2000 global lighting brands from 20 countries and regions, fully displayed the world's most advanced and most innovative thought of LED lighting products and technologies on a stage of 180,000 square meters.

As “leader” in the lighting field, Feilo impressed the LED Asia Exhibition with an image of a “lighting aircraft carrier” which amazed all the audiences. The “High-grade, precision and advanced” product exhibitions fit its“ Luxury, Large, and Level up” image. In this exhibition, Feilo together with its latest achievements of two century-old brands --- the Chinese “Ya” Brand and the international brand named “Sylvania ” which is popular all over Europe and the United States, perfectly displayed its international advanced products including  road lighting, industrial lighting, landscape lighting, intelligent home lighting, and smart courtyard lights, etc.

The exclusive smart courtyard lights developed by Feilo Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., as the main push of the outdoor lighting products of the company in this exhibition, highlighted the brilliance of“Small Street Light Concentrated Great Wisdom”. Besides the intelligent lighting function, the “Lan” YHB series of intelligent courtyard  lights also incorporate six more functions ,such as multimedia information dissemination, public broadcasting, intelligent security guard, new energy automobile charging piles, wireless Wi-Fi and air environmental monitoring etc. The elegant appearance, practical functions and the large data background processing make it easy for the courtyard managers to master the dynamic changes of the courtyard at any time through the software platform developed by the company.

Indoor lighting highlighted the series of intelligent home lighting products of CONCORD, a high-end lighting brand of the Feilo Sylvania Brand. This series of exhibits use the DALI intelligent dimming system. Through the intelligent control platform with high flexibility and integration, users can realize the lighting grid management. This means one can manage energies and maintain customized functions in different scenes at the same time to meet individual customer thought towards space, lighting and lighting effects.

During this exhibition, the Feilo exhibition booth gathering many high-tech products drew high attraction. Numerous domestic and foreign customers and professionals stopped to enquire and many domestic first-line medias including the Southern Weekend, 21st Century Economics Report, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV Comprehensive Channel, IQIYI, Tencent and  LETV etc. all paid attention and rushed to report the exhibition scene.

In addition, Feilo also paid attention to audience participation and experience of its exhibition stage. It has particularly opened up a mysterious “black hole” besides the “aircraft carrier” image, which gave audiences a colorful and bizarre dream lights show. Through the artistic rendering of light, color and rhythm, Feilo endowed light with “vitality” for an instant and created all kinds of unexpected and stunning effects, sometimes like a shining star and sometimes like a dynamic and enthusiast wave, which made people feel as if placed in the time and space tunnel. The vagaries of the light effects brought very shocking visual impact. Feilo, using its fantastic light show, subverted the public perception of “lights” and “light”, as well highlighted the company’s professional degree and control force towards the “ light language ”.This “ High, Strange and Special” light show has provided a new experience for visitors and attracted many domestic and foreign guests.

At the exact time that few first-line lighting brands participated the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2016, Feilo booked a booth of 384 square meters at one stroke and carried many sophisticated products to create intelligent lighting experience space, which gave visitors a firsthand experience of intelligent and personalized lighting products, fully embodied the strength and determination of this century-old national brand. The joint exhibition of two century-old lighting brands --“Ya” and “Sylvania” further reflected the rapid development under the full integration of all aspects in the company. Feilo “aircraft carrier” journey is the star and sea of the lighting fields, in which there are only things you can’t imagine but no things impossible.