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Feilo Acoustics held to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of C

On 22nd June 2016, Shanghai Feilo acoustics Co., Ltd. held the general assembly conference during the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The secretary of Party committee Mrs. Xiang Min,the commissioner of discipline Mr.Tao Weiguo, Party member Su Yaokang, Ye Pan, WangAiguo and other 180 member attended the meeting, and the meeting held by Comrade Tao Werguo.

Conference commended three advanced party organization, three advanced worker of party, and 16 advanced Communist Party members which emerged in 2015-16 party structure construction. Company Party committee member, Party work department minister Wang Aiguo declared decision, and hope those commended organizations and members can regarded their honour as a new starting point. Also, being modest and prudent, keeping advanced of the Communist member, and continues to play an exemplary and leading role for reaching higher level of work. Company party secretary Xiang Min, Party committee members Tao Weiguo, Su Yaokang, Ye Pan, WangAiguo have received honour certificate for the recognition of organizations and individuals. Subsequently, by commending advanced representative XuJianping, Qin Jie gave the recognition speech. Yar lighting source company Party branch secretary, General manager He Jianrong behalf Yar company Party branch made statement of company development prospect.

At the meeting, party secretary Xiang Min made a report of the company’s primary working object in 2015 and 2016 to all Party members, and also made some education requirements upon working experience. She points out that in 2015 Feilo acoustics Party committee should closely around the “innovation, developing direction, educating personnel and culture” concept. Integrate party work into economic work, to explore the mixed new though and new method for all kind work as a top priority work of party construction. In 2016, Feilo acoustics party construction work will guided by the spirit of the Party’s 18th meeting and 18th the third plenary session of the fourth plenary session, highlighting the innovative thinking, grasping the reform of state-owned enterprises and the outstanding enterprise party organization in their role as the political core. For “two studies and one work” study and education matter, secretary Mrs. Xiang said that implement the spirit of the series of important speech of General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping, for promoting comprehensive strictly to the base level, pushing inner party education  from the key minority to the majority of Party members, to consolidate and expand the basic education activity. For further solve the issues in ideology, organization and discipline on other party members, and maintaining the party’s advanced nature and purity, the majority of Party members and enthusiastic spirit and efforts to fight for working methods, and continuously push forward the development of Feilo acoustics.

In addition, the conference also invited the Wu Zhijie professor, who is the director of the five branch Department of Marxism Leninism of the CPC Shanghai municipal Party school, ,and provided thematic lectures for all Party members on the topic of "learning the party constitution of party compasses, series of speeches, to be a qualified party members”, Professor Wu clean will fondly recalled the Chinese Communist Party 95 years of glorious history, told the story of learning and carrying out the significance of the new party constitution, the core spirit of the explanation of the series of speeches, and put forward the requirements of grassroots organizations and individual members. Through the vivid lectures, all Party members inspired, have said they would remember the party constitution, bearing in mind the party's fine tradition and style, to develop self-discipline, striving to be a qualified party members.