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Feilo Party Committee held study and education conference of “ Study on theoretical and practical is

on morning of June 3th, Feilo Party Committee held again the conference of syste-matic Secretary of Party Group. It specifically arranged the implementati-on plan and mission that how to do a better job on the study and education of “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building ”.

Party Secretary, Ming Xiang, point out, the national leadership carry on the study and education of “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building ” has very important significance. For its range, it’s member extend is from minority to overall. For its way, it’s education extend is from a centralized education activities to the regular education activities.

She stressed that we should be clear the following points. The first one is the study and education of Party Constitution and Rules must define the basic requirement of Party Constitution and Rules, and we should set ourselves a standard of moral behavior according to Party Constitution and Rules. We should enhance the consciousness of Party Constitution and guide our behavior and the attitude of works with it. whether have fulfilled the Oath, taken Party Constitution as guidelines of action and abide by the requirement of leading cadres of party members or not should be treated as the standard of measuring ourselves. Moreover, we should pay attention to the sense of discipline and consciously be a disciplined and well-behaved person. We should get political disciplines and rules in the first place, and the consciousness of political, overall, core and accordance needed to be firmly established. Secondly, the study of a series of important speech of General Secretary xi must strengthened theory arm and integrated all kinds of thoughts and actions. Thirdly, to be a qualified Party Member, we must also strengthen the consciousness of responsibilities of Party Member and perform the obligations and exert the functions.

Party Secretary, Ming Xiang, also required us to carefully organize and operate “ studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building ”. She figured out that this study isn’t a entertainment, it is a study that integrate into Party members and cadres regularly study and education without bathes and session. In this study and education, firstly, we should insiste that the leader take the lead. The leadership need to set an example with their own behavior and undertake the responsibilities bravely. In addition, the leadership should take the lead at improving the study , seeking problems, conducting criticism and self-criticism and implementing rectification. Secondly, we should insist strict requirements. The organizations of study and education should be held in strictly and practically attitude. The strict standard, measure and discipline should penetrate in this study and education. Thirdly, we should insist that combine learning with doing. The learning should be along with using, and problem orientation should be extruded. We can carry on the study and education to upgrade enterprises on every aspects and check the results of the study and education by the actual effects in every aspects. We need complete each work with the conscientious attitude and truly implement “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building ” with a spirit of working in earnest.

The Secretary of Party Group from different enterprises(departments) also had a communication on branch plan of “studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building ”.