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2016 Development Work Conference of FEILO ACOUSTICS

On February 18-20 2016, the 2016 Development Work Conference of Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Deyang, Sichuan. Cai Xiaoqing, the chairman ofFEILO ACOUSTICS, and Zhuang Shen’an, the general manager of FEILO ACOUSTICS, and the entityresponsible persons of the each center of companynearly 200 senior and mid-level managers attended this conference. This was the annual symposium conference of most completedrelated item, most number of the participants, and the widesttopic for discussion. 

The conferencewas presided over by Xiang Min of the secretary of the party committee of FEILO ACOUSTICS. The conference firstly commended the2015 annual advanced collectives and individuals of the company, and then general manager Zhuang Shen’an made the mobilization reporting on 2016 Development thought. Li Hong, the company chief accountant and Zhao Kailan, the secretary of the board, and Li Dongyue, the general manager for human resources also respectively make the detail introduction on the business objectives and financial indicators, priority work and each department entity performance evaluation scheme of 2016FEILO ACOUSTICS

In the mobilization report, General manager Zhuang Shen’anproposed the seven development main points of the company in this year. 1, the overall development strategy remains the same, will endowthe new connotationof the brand, international and capital three strategic to the products. 2, the year of 2016 is the national year, all the business and work should be in line with international standards. 3, the enterprise spirit of the company is: Innovation and change, advancing with the times. 4, the 32 wordsguideline of the company is: entity operation and independent management, full decentralization, strengtheningsupervision,cross-holding posts, clear goals, strict assessment, fulfillingperformance. 5, the core of the operating mode is innovation. 6, incentive mechanism, rewards and assessment method; 7, the development direction and train of thought of each department;

The conference also was around the goals and tasks of the company and evaluation methods, respectively conducted a heated group discussion of theentity responsible persons of the each center of company on how to optimize the management process, reduce operational costs, and some problems in new international operation mode. At the same time, the entity responsible persons of the each center of companyalsomade a position statement and signed the business index, party's style integrity, responsibility and work safety responsibility assignment book respectively, and deployed the work2016 work, as well as determined the theme of this year as "international year".

In the end of the conference, Cai Xiaoqing, the chairman of company made the speech on the results summary of the conference. Chairman Cai pointed out that:  in the face of new opportunities and challenges, in addition to resolutely implementing the company development strategy, we will continue to strengthen management, change ideas, innovate and change,strive to carry out the variousworks, and will make great progress in promotingtechnology innovation, cost saving, exploring new forms and economic sustainable development, as well as promoting the goals and tasks ofvarious stated objective,so that realizes the established development goals of the company.

The conference was smoothly end with the enterprise song of FEILO ACOUSTICS“SuccessForever”. The new target of “innovation and change, advancing with the times" brought by FEILO ACOUSTICS opens the 2016 whole new chapter.