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Shandong Shen'an-Yaming Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Shen'an Yaming Lighting Technology Co., LTD

Shandong Shen'an Yaming Lighting Technology Co,. LTD is located in the economic development area of Linyi County, Dezhou city of Shandong Province. The transportation is convenient, adjacent to the 104 National Road, with Jingtai Highway, Qingyin Highway, Jinghu High-speed rail crossing the economic area, the company is only 30 minutes' drive from the Jinan national airport, and 200 kilometers away from the biggest logistics center of country-Linyi wholesale center,  hence the import& export is very convenient.

The Shandong base is established on May 2010, at a time when the government endeavors to develop high-tech, energy-saving products, and introduces many beneficial policies to encourage relevant industry. Hence the Shandong production base was born conforming to the historical trend of the time. It is in possession of advantages of the right time, the good place and the talented people, arisen to be an industrial star on the northwestern plain of Shandong province.

With the great support of local authorities, under the right leadership of the group, and with the help from brother companies, Shandong production base grows fast, after several years it has already had 2 fixture lines of production, 3 lines for aging tests, R&D center, experts building, apartment and subsidiary facilities. The total construction area is 50,000 square meters, with more than 120 testing and producing equipment, and a production capacity of 2000,000 diverse LED fixtures.

As a high-tech company of the lighting industry, the Shandong base of  Shen An group pays a lot of attention to the contribution of technology innovation to the development of the company. Currently the company has one municipal level company technology center, one engineering technology and R& D center. Ranked as top 100 company of Dezhou city, and a "contract-loyal and trust-worthy" company of Shandong province, it is regarded on 2012 a technology-innovation company of Dezhou city. The current employees are around 110, 35 of them possess a diploma higher than the junior college diploma, and 26 engineers.